Sunday, April 22, 2012

They say...

They say that humor is the best medicine.  I say humor mixed with wonderful friends, happy children, delicious food and incredible home brewed beer kicks plain ol' humor to the curb.  

The diving season has kicked into full gear... thank goodness!  Rob, my husband, went offshore this past Thursday and I've been pretty grouchy.  Trying to reason with a strong willed 2 year old will do that do ya.  I wasn't feeling particularly social but a text from one of my best friends telling me that her 2 year old wanted to get down and party with mine convinced me to come out of hiding for a Saturday BBQ.  Man, am I glad I went!  Not only did I get to see my friends (all fellow diver wives) but I got to meet new people... my kiddo got to play hard, run wild, get dirty and eat sugar all night... I sampled my friend's husband's home brews... and my shoulders let go of the 2 huge knots they had been carrying for the past few weeks.  I was reminded why I'm friends with these awesome ladies and how important they are to my survival here in Louisiana.  

This morning the boy and I woke up after both sleeping like rocks all night... feeling refreshed and ready to take on not only Sunday... but the rest of the week and all of the challenges it potentially brings.  Thank for renewing my spirit my friends... you know who you are!  I love ya'll to pieces!